ToolWiz Photo Editor 6.1: Toolwiz Photos is an entire new way to organize your photos.

ToolWiz Photo Editor 6.1

ands of photos get organized in an instant. Tap to make albums tidy. Recycle Bin -Deleted photos can also be restored within 7 days. Smart storage saving -Compressing photos to save 70% of the storage without quality loss. -Simply find and remove duplicate photos. Intelligent face analysis - Intelligent beauty analysis to tell you who is most beautiful in one photo. Tag and search system -Add as many tag as you want and search photos or videos via

intelligent face analysis, photo organizing, photo and video locker, photo editing, recycle bin, smart storage saving, fast browsing

Filehand Search 3.0: Free desktop search the way you like it, without gimmicks or add-ins.

Filehand Search 3.0

Free! Filehand Search instantly finds files on your computer. Search Outlook, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML/MHT, MP3, and Zip archives. Results displayed in order of relevance and can be shown in the style of a web search page or a list view. Results include scrollable and searchable extracts with the search terms highlighted. Use tabs to create separate search projects with their own display preferences and search histories.

indexing, search, wordperfect, outlook, powerpoint, find, office, html, word, excel

IPGet Patent Search System 2.3: a patent search, patent downloading and patent management software

IPGet Patent Search System 2.3

IPGet patent search system is a patent search, patent downloading and patent management software for the patent worker, the intellectual property rights expert, the information expert, the legal expert and the scientific researchers. It integrates Europe, US , Japan, WIPO, Germany and so on ten authoritative free patent search websites. It can bulk download above websites patent`s data and files.

patent search, patent download, patent management, ipget

RQ Search and Replace 1.97: Search and replace text in files and MSWord documents using regular expressions

RQ Search and Replace 1.97

and replace text in files - batch text replacement utility for Windows. Regular expressions supported Batch search and replace in text files an MS Word documents. Search and replace in MS Word text, headers/footers, hyperlinks. Search and replace in folder and subfolders. Supports projects to save the search and replace session`s settings. Find and replace (multistring) text bloks, whole words, "enclosed blocks", Html tags and attributes. Search

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Ammonite 1.6: System-wide, tag cloud based search panel for DEVONthink Pro and OpenMeta.

Ammonite 1.6

tag your data, it`s search capabilities are currently very limited when it comes to tags and dates. It does not allow to search for documents which are not tagged with a certain tag. Searches for data tagged with multiple tags are possible, but involve opening the find panel, clicking `Advanced…` and building the query manually. When doing this, you have to type in the tag names and you are not given any clues about available tags. Also searching

openmeta, devonthink pro, tags

123Tag 8.1: MP3/MP4 Tag advanced edit &  file rename, audio Catalog, manage playlists

123Tag 8.1

123Tag is an easy-to-use and powerful Tag editor and file renamer for MP3,MP4,WMA and many other audio formats, useful to manage and catalog all your music files. Find and catalog all the music files stored on PC drives, discover audio files and create classifications from the embedded tags. Catalog flexible reports. Embedded player, playlist creation and management. Retrieve tags, lyrics and images from MusicBrainz database and Google search.

tag rename, audio, organizer, catalog, playlist

TagLauncher 1.2: TagLauncher is a desktop search utility that lets you search files by tags.

TagLauncher 1.2

TagLauncher does not search by file names. There is no need to find files and compare search terms with them. In fact any search in this application takes less than a second to give you results. ACCURACY Search by tag is much more accurate than conventional file search because you always recall some tags about a file but the same is not always correct about a filename or it`s content. Search inside of files is a solution but it`s slow and is not

tag cloud, desktop search, search, fast file search, files, search files, tagging, launcher

Genetic System Search for Tech. Analysis 2.16: Quickly Find Technical Analysis Trading Systems with Genetic Programming

Genetic System Search for Tech. Analysis 2.16

searches for systems with less drawdown and a lower number of consecutive bad trades. Create a Custom Trading System for Each Stock It is easy to create a unique set of buy and sell rules for each stock ... Traders are not limited to one system for a universe of securities ... It is simple to conduct a system search as new data become available. Keep Your Investment Rules Current Perform the system search with each new set of price data. Bypass to

market, trading system, equis, investment, genetic algorithms, gssta, stock, genetic, metastock, evolutionary computation, technical analysis

Zortam ID3 Tag Editor 5.50: ID3 tag editor, Mp3 Organizer, playlist,add  lyrics/photos to Mp3

Zortam ID3 Tag Editor 5.50

and ID3v2 tags, managing M3u playlists (Playlist manager), renaming files (Mp3 Renamer) using ID3 tags, searching for duplicate Mp3 files, searching and cataloguing Mp3 files into Mp3 library, listening Mp3`s using your favorite Mp3 player and much more. You can even add lyrics and picture to ID3 tags(cover, artist picture, etc.) to your Mp3 files. Search and download song lyrics from the internet (Batch Lyrics Finder), search and download for cover

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Abander TagControl 2.91: mp3 ogg wma ape mpc aac flac Tag Editor and organizer with CDDB, lyrics, art sup

Abander TagControl 2.91

ander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful multimedia library manager, and .mp3, .ogg, .wma, .asf .ape .mpc .flac tag editor with and FreeDB support. You can quickly and easily organize your music collection, and complete the tag information for each and every file with all the best tools available. Some of these tools include filtering the view of files to work on by file type or all at once, renaming files according to their tag

winamp, cddb, tag editor, abander, rename, encoder, viewer, editor, music, export, control